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The Avenue Methodist Church
and Living Well Centre.

Wincham Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 4PL

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The name we have chosen for our buildings in Sale has two aspects to it: Living and Well. Each of these brings to mind images that we can focus on as we try to live out our Christian calling in this neighbourhood. Each of these aspects also is rooted in our Biblical tradition, yet with relevance to the 21st Century.

Until fairly recently the Well formed the central point of every community in this country. The basic necessities of life begin with water, and around the well people would find a place to chat, knowing that they all belonged together, that sharing and co-operating was important, and that they all needed the nourishment and refreshment that was available in order to grow and develop. We hope that people will see The Living Well Centre at The Avenue Methodist Church in the same way, a place for essential restoration and precious renewal.

Water drawn up from a well is taken away to be used elsewhere in daily life. We hope to provide the depths of experience and love to give everyone who comes the lively, sparkling resources they need for Living life. We pray that they will take away with them the spiritual and physical health and wholeness that was at the heart of the ministry of Jesus.

Living Well Centre

Above: Entrance and reception area for the church and Living Well Centre.

Sunday Services. 


Celebrate on the first Sunday of every month at 9.30am,

Join us for all age worship and activities.

Find us on Facebook @Celebrate at the Avenue

10.00am. Sunday (Quarterly) All age worship - see weekly notices for details - bring cake to share after the service.

10.45am. Traditional service (Communion monthly).

Church Events.
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